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Fair Trade Ethically Sourced

Woke Living Coffee is 100% Arabica single origin specialty coffee that we source directly from a 5th generation coffee grower in Nicaragua and is guaranteed to be the freshest coffee beans. Woke Living Coffee is fair trade, our grower receives a fair price and his family, his community, and the environment benefit as well. Woke Living coffee is organic, which means Our coffee is grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, assuring the health of the soil, forest, and the grower.

Special High Grown Single-Origin Arabica

The problem with other coffees is not only the traceability of origin, but also the quality, other coffees are bland, bitter, sour, and the freshness is questionable. Other coffees are also cheap and easily available, Woke Living Coffee brings a true awakening experience at an affordable price, Woke Living Coffee is 100% Arabica single origin Special High Grown coffee grown in the Gold Zone, north of the Penas Blancas in Matagalpa Nicaragua. Now you can have that awakening experience delivered directly to your door.

Superior Taste

Woke Living Coffee is a Specialty coffee and displays very complex flavors as a result of slow maturation in high altitudes and ideal growing conditions. Our coffee has hints of Chocolate, red apple, cherry. Woke Living Coffee also has a sweet aroma, honeyed citrus tones, and a bright medium acidity that makes a well-roundedcup.

Woke Essentials

Not only do we roast coffee for drinking, we have our amazing brittles and barks and we roast coffee to produce beauty products such as scrubs, oils, and soaps.

I came across Woke Living Coffee at the flea market and have been obsessed since. I just got into making my own espresso and I was having a hard time finding a bean that was making a consistent and delicious shot. I tried this one and it was great. When I ran out I tried one from the store and it yielded very little espresso. These were roasted recently and you can definitely tell. Their customer service has been really good too as I have been stocking up on more and more.


I have used the products from this company. My eczema cleared after using the soap. The scrub is phenomenal. My husband enjoying using the scrub, followed by the body oil. The coffee is amazing. I’ve recommended Woke Living Coffee to my fellow coffee drinkers. You MUST try the coffee , a long with the other products. My husband and I are very satisfied customers.


Hands down best coffee ever. It is so rich but smooth tasting. I am big Starbucks fan and this blows it out of the water. I have purchased a bag of it at a local flea market here in Raleigh and fell in love with it. I ordered myself another bag and a bag for my sister and sister in law to enjoy. For those coffee fanatics, this is a must! You haven’t had coffee until you’ve had woke living coffee!